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I-TRANS stock the following industrial shaft couplings: the L-Type Flexible Jaw Shaft Coupling, the NYLGEAR Coupling, the HRC Flexible Shaft Coupling, the ROTRANS Curved Steel Jaw Shaft Coupling, the MAX DYNAMIC Shaft Coupling, the Tyre Flexible Shaft Coupling and the KC Chain Shaft Coupling.

L-Type Flexible Jaw Shaft Coupling

L-Type Flexible Jaw Couplings are a very reliable coupling and are ideal for light, medium and heavy duty electrical motor and internal combustion engine power transmission applications. Their design also makes them a useful coupling for many other light to medium duty industrial applications such as machinery shaft drives.

flexible jaw shaft coupling
  1. Simple & easy installation. Aligned by the simple straight edge method (on the outside diameters).
  2. Low cost effective general purpose type coupling
  3. Simple construction, safe & reliable
  4. Design safe due to meshing jaws (still operational if elastomeric element should fail
  5. Straight jaw driving legs
  6. No special tools required for assembly
  7. Allowance for incidental misalignment (up to: angular 1°, parallel 0.38mm, axial 0.76mm)
  8. Absorbs shock loads
  9. No lubrication required
  10. Resistant to oil, moisture, dirt & sand (rubber element & cast iron GG25 hubs)
  11. Minimal maintenance (easy to replace elements)

NYLGEAR Shaft Coupling
Nylon Sleeve Gear Coupling
Curved Barrel Tooth Gear Profile

NYLGEAR Couplings can be used in a variety of industrial applications and are particularly suited for the hydraulic industry where blind hole 'plug in' situations occur or any vertical shaft drive assembly is required. They are also designed for standard industrial engineering applications. The coupling is tough, reliable and capable of working under very arduous condtions including weather, humidity, oil and grease situations. Because of their curved barrel tooth design they will transmit their full power rating even at misalignment.

nylgear sleeve gear coupling
  1. Simple installation & replacement
  2. Minimal maintenance
  3. Geared Steel Hub and Nylon Sleeve
  4. Excellent size to torque ratio
  5. Curved Barrel Teeth minimizes stress
  6. Axial, radial and angular tolerant
  7. Transmits 100% power at misalignment
  8. No lubrication or service required (Nylon to steel contact)
  9. Horizontal & vertical applications
  10. Electrical isolation
  11. Interchangable with other brands

The couplings are available assembled in the following lengths:
1) Standard Length Hubs (Std)
2) Extended Length Hubs (Ext) L
(refer to NYLGEAR Coupling Specifications)
Replacement sleeves available.

HRC Flexible Shaft Coupling

HRC Couplings are good general purpose couplings suitable for a variety of industrial applications and have the advantage of being quick and easy to assemble especially if they are used in combination with taper lock bushes. They are particulary well suited for standard electric motors drives. They need higher design service factors for heavy starting loads and frequent forward and reverse running.

  1. Simple and easy installation (Aligned by simple straight edge method on the outside flanges
  2. Low cost effective general purpose flexible type coupling
  3. Simple construction, safe & reliable (Constructed from high grade cast iron)
  4. Design safe due to meshing jaws (Still operational if elastomeric element should fail)
  5. No special tool required for assembly (Hex wrench for taper lock assembly)
  6. Allowance for incidental misalignment (Up to: angular 1°, paralletl 0.3 - 0.5mm, axial 0.2 - 1.7mm)
  7. Absorbs shock loads
  8. Dampens out vibration
  9. No lubrication required
  10. Resistant to oil, moisture, dirt & sand (Rubber element & cast iron hubs)
  11. Minimal maintenance required
  12. Available in pilot & taper lock bore

ROTRANS Curved Steel Jaw Shaft Coupling

Curved Jaw Couplings can be used in a number of industrial applications particularly where high torque is required and a compact, strong hard wearing flexible coupling is required. The steel construction gives the coupling excellent dynamic characteristic which means it will operate smoothly at high speeds and safely. Because of the couplings characteristics and versatility they are ideal for hydraulic drive applications and are comfortable working in both planes, vertical and horizontal.

rotrans curved steel coupling
  1. Steel construction
  2. Compact, high torque to size ratio
  3. Excellent dynamic characteristics
  4. Polyurethane element (operating temperatures -40° to 100° with peaks up to 120°c)
  5. Excellent oil and wear resistance
  6. Good angular, radial & axial displacement (Up to angular 1.3°, Parallel 0.6mm, axial 4.6mm)
  7. Coupling design creates minimal backlash
  8. Curved jaw increases power output
  9. Design safe due to meshing jaws (still operational if elastomeric element should fail)
  10. Minimal maintenance

MAX DYNAMIC Shaft Coupling

Max Dynamic Couplings are designed for industrial applications where torsional flexiblity is required. They are capable of working in adverse conditions and have good misalignment characteristics. Max Dynamic couplings are ideal for applications such as pumps, fans and conveyor drives where continual running and quick element replacements are necessary. They are particularly good in helping equipment life by reducing vibration which in turn reduces parts failure such as bearings.

In some applications they have successfully replaced gear couplings with the added feature of no lubrication requirement and more liberal misalignment features. They cope well with high starting loads and frequent forward/reverse.

Max dynamic coupling
  1. Simple installation& easy replacement.(In situation element replacement)
  2. Minimal maintenance (No lubrication or servicing required)
  3. Good dynamic characteristics (Steel hubs, high speed capabilities)
  4. Maximum machine protection (Angular misalignment 4° parallel 3.2mm)
  5. Absorbs vibration & shock loading (Smooth running which means less wear)
  6. Tough polyurethane element (Long life and flexibility)
  7. Reduced fire risk (No metal to metal contact at any stage)
  8. Resistant to oil & most chemicals (This applies to the polyurethane element)
  9. Interchangeable with other brands

Tyre Flexible Shaft Coupling

By design Tyre Couplings are very tough and flexible and the above characteristics make them very well suited for pump applications, gear drives and reversing applications. Their torsional stress absorbing abilities and the capability of absorbing initial shock loadings also make them ideal for centrifugal compressors, winches, fans or any power driven machinery where stress absorption is required.

tyre flexible coupling
  1. Simple time saving installation (Tyre can be replaced while motor and machine remains in place)
  2. Highly elastic (Rubber composition)
  3. Compact Design
  4. Tolerates large amounts of misalignment in all planes (Up to: 4° angular, 6mm parallel, 8mm axial)
  5. Very good at absorbing shock
  6. Minimal maintenance required
  7. Excellent at solving torsional vibration problems
  8. The above features extend machinery life (By preventing excessive vibration)
  9. Ideal for forward and reverse applications with no backlash movement (ideal for geared drives)
  10. Available in pilot, finished & taper lock bore

KC Chain Shaft Coupling

K C Chain Couplings are particularly suited for medium and slow speed applications where minimal torsional flexibility is not really an important issue. They have a large torque capacity for their size and are particularly good for rugged applications such as in high torque motor gearbox applications and in general industrial applications. At slow speeds they can be operated without the chain cover in certain applications.

kc chain coupling
  1. Simple installation& replacement (disconnect and reconnect chain)
  2. High torque capacity vs overall size (torque capacity normally in excess of shaft capabilities)
  3. Two hardened simplex chain sprockets joined by a duplex chain encased in a grease tight cover
  4. Grease lubrication required
  5. Best suited for medium to slow speed applications
  6. Minimal torsional flexibility
  7. Allowance for misalignment (Angular 1°, axial 0.25 - 0.50mm, end float 0.7 - 4.6mm)

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