Engineering Specialty Gears
Worms and Wormwheels
90 DP - 2.5 DP
.3 Mod -10 Mod
Diameter range: 10mm - 900 mm
Multi starts
Bronze, cast iron and steel
Gear grinding for worm shafts
Gear box repair and replacement
V Pulleys, Multi and Poly V Pulleys
All sizes available
Custom sizes
A full range of materials is available
Can be fitted with taper lock bores, standard bore and key, or splined bores
Timing Pulleys
A full range manufactured
XL, L, H, XH
8 - 14 mm HTD
Other timing pulleys or toothed pulleys made to customer requirements
Crown Wheels and Pinions
Materials: steel, heat treated steels, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, hardened and ground, steel, tufnol and nylon
24 DP - 3 DP
1 Mod - 8 Mod
8 teeth - 200 teeth
10mm - 600mm O/D
Splined Bushes
  Internal Splines
  External Splines
  Splined Inserts
Manufactured to clients requirements
Produced in standard ranges by contract arrangements
Ring Gears
90 DP 1.5 DP
.75 Mod - 10 Mod
Diameters up to 1 metre
Internal and external gears
Micro Gears
i-trans Swiss "Mikron" precision gear cutters for helical and spur gears are capable of cutting down to watch and instrument sized gears
One off, or quantities are undertaken
Racks: 2 1/2" or 65mm tooth face
Racks: 24 to 5 DP
Racks: 1 to 5 Mod
Racks/size and length to customer requirements
Quadrants and Segments
Quadrants can be maufactured from any material and any size up to i-trans' maximum 600 mm radius capacity
  Segments of teeth can be cut on a full circle both externally and internally
One off, and quantity production to clients' specifications
Sprockets Component Manufacturing

ring gears

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