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KC Chain

Product TypeChain Typeod
Shaft OD
Dimension of the Sprocketpower per 100 kwMax Torque RatingDimensions of CaseTotal Weight
Min Max C D I L OSAB
301206B-2 x 1213.51610.227.229.564.84560.89069630.53
401240-2 x 12142214.4363679.4627.41.719477721.03
401640-2 x 16163214.4504087.4777.43.134892721.85
501650-2 x16184018.1644599.7969.75.9660110873.25
501850-2 x 18184518.1704599.71069.77.4823122854.20
601860-2 x 18225622.889.556123.512711.514.01578122857.75
602060-2 x 20246022.810056123.513911.516.418481581059.58
602260-2 x 22287122.811556123.515111.518.8211916811711.60
801880-2 x 18328029.311563141.216915.231.0349319012915.10
802080-2 x 20369029.312065145.218515.237.0417021013718.70
10020100-2 x 204511035.816280178.823318.870.0668528115336.50
12022120-2 x 225614045.4210100222.730422.7136.01532635718175.80

For speeds of less than 100rpm use the maximum torque rating (Nm) for calculating the coupling size. For all speeds of less than 500rpm it is recommended to check your selection with the maximum torque rating (Nm); see page 4. Also the nominal torque ratings are calculated from the power/100rpm using the same formula.

Chain coupling selection information:
The torque capacity of a chain coupling is usually more than that of the normal torque transmitted by the largest shaft size the coupling is designed to take. This means that as a guide you can select the smallest coupling that will suit both of the required shaft diameters. Where there is shock loading or any abnormal conditions that needs to be taken into consideration the next size coupling should be used.

Before assembling the chain covers smear the chain with a grease lubricant and fill in the spaces in the chain cover halves so that there is a reservoir of grease lubrication. The coupling halves should be removed on a regular basis and the grease changed. For very slow speeds and where applicable and provided the coupling will be inspected on a regular basis running with no covers is acceptable. It maybe advisable to put a thin smear of grease or a tacky chain lube over the chain for protection and to keep the dust and dirt out of the chain bearing areas.
For normal industrial environments use an extreme pressure high grade grease such as:
Shell Alvania EP 2

For wet and weather applications use a lithium based extreme pressure high grade grease such as:
Shell Alvania HD 2

Grease should be changed on a regular basis of between 2000-4000 hours depending on the application and running speed of the coupling

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