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Size (dxDEx-Stock√Basic DimensionsBolts x n
Nm torque each
Rated Load (note.2)Kg (weight)
BHFt (kN)
Nt (Nm)
CLK 15x455056M6 x4 (17Nm)16.81260.4
CLK 16x455056M6 x4 (17Nm)16.81340.4
CLK 17x455056M6 x4 (17Nm)16.81420.4
CLK 18x505056M6 x4 (17Nm)16.81510.5
CLK 19x50√(D80)5056M6 x4 (17Nm)16.81590.5
CLK 20x505056M6 x4 (17Nm)16.81680.5
CLK 22x556066M6 x4 (17Nm)25.22770.7
CLK 24x55√(D90)6066M6 x4 (17Nm)25.23020.73
CLK 25x556066M6 x6 (17Nm)25.23150.77
CLK 28x60√(D100 &112)6066M6 x6 (17Nm)25.23270.91
CLK 30x606066M6 x6 (17Nm)25.23520.81
CLK 32x656066M6 x6 (17Nm)31.23780.80
CLK 35x757583M8 x4 (42Nm)31.24991.30
CLK 38x75√(D132)7583M8 x4 (42Nm)31.25461.20
CLK 40x757583M8 x4 (42Nm)31.25921.40
CLK 42x78√(D160)7583M8 x4 (42Nm)31.26241.33
CLK 45x858593M8 x6 (42Nm)46.89280.30
CLK 48x90√(D180)8593M8 x6 (42Nm)46.810532.30
CLK 50x908593M8 x6 (42Nm)46.811232.50
CLK 55x95√(D200)8593M8 x6 (42Nm)62.411702.40
CLK 60x100√(D225)8593M8 x8 (42Nm)62.417103.00
CLK 65x1058593M8 x8 (42Nm)62.418703.30
CLK 70x115100110M10 x6 (84Nm)62.420204.10
CLK 75x120100110M10 x6 (84Nm)9121203.80
CLK 80x125100110M10 x6 (84Nm)98.434405.20
CLK 85x130100110M10 x8 (84Nm)12336905.50
CLK 90x135100110M10 x8 (84Nm)12349207.00
CLK 95x140120132M10 x8 (84Nm)12352207.50
CLK 100x150120132M12 x8 (145Nm)14455307.80
CLK 105x155120132M12 x8 (145Nm)14458407.90
CLK 110x160120132M12 x8 (145Nm)180720010.4
Note 1: Indent only but these sizes maybe added as ex-stock demand requires
Note 2: As a guideline only maximum torque = rated torque x 1.3- 1.5

Nm should be equal to or smaller than Mt(Nm) rated load

Nm = Design kW rating x 9550
Shaft RPM
Torque: Maximum transmittable torque when the axial force is zero.
Axial force: Maximum when torque is Zero

(kW) required x service factor = Design kW

1.5 - 2.00Steady running with low impulsive forces
2.5 - 3.5Medium running with shock/Imp forces
4.0 - 5.0Heavy shock loadings with impulsive forces. Stop/start and reversing conditions

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